June Monthly Horoscopes

June Monthly Horoscopes


ARIES: You are going through a season of transformation this month, and you will take a look back at how far you have come in the past year.  The Uranus and Pluto presence will instigate even more changes, making you even busier and finding it hard to find room to breathe. The tension between Saturn and Uranus will give you a feeling of restriction, giving you feelings of entrapment. Kick free of whatever is holding you back, and be aware of tensions in your relationships. Remember, everything will be fine in the end.

TAURUS: Uranus and Pluto’s alignment will have an effect on anything from finances to relationships. Saturn will leave you feeling the push to get out of your current situation and you will find yourself irritable during this time, seeking more freedom and space to wander. The New Moon will possibly bring on a new beginning, and your career will go well despite this feeling.

GEMINI: A transformation in your career will occur in June. Your feelings of financial restriction will cause you to react in a big way. Be careful not to overreact to this feeling, as it may have more of a negative effect than a good effect. Be sure to listen to the people of authority this month and don’t become inpatient, as circumstances will improve. Don’t act too rashly, patience will result in something good. 

CANCER: Transformative Uranus and Pluto will be present in your work or health, causing you to make big changes in your life. You will find yourself traveling to places you have never been, soaking up the world and transforming you from within. The tension of Uranus and Saturn will have an instant effect since Saturn is in your sign. Be sure to take advantage of this by expanding your knowledge.

LEO: Love and passion will be very present this month. Not only will passion be present in your love life, it will also be present in your creative life. You will have a burst of artistic inspiration that will stimulate you creatively. Your financial life will be experiencing big change due to Uranus being in your chart. This may cause some tension, but everything will resolve in the end.

VIRGO: Change will be prevalent this month within your family life. You will feel the need to break free from a partner or a friend. This will cause you to feel emotionally conflicted, and arguments may occur between the two of you. Be sure not to overreact, as you may regret rash decisions in the future. Before the month ends, you will resolve the issue and everything will be back to normal

LIBRA: Pluto and Uranus will have an influence in the workplace this month. If you put your mind to it, you will succeed in making the necessary changes for success. You may find that there is tension in the middle of this month. No sweat, you will resolve your quarrels and come out more at ease. By the end of the month, you will find yourself content and back to your normal self!

SCORPIO: The planets’ alignment will put emphasis on your finances. If you put your mind to it, you will succeed in your goals by the end of the month. Your goals will be transformative and give you new beginnings. The New Moon will ensure a chance to renew relationships with your family, assuring that at-home life will be good. Be sure to not spend too much of your finances on things you don’t need. Obstacles during travel may occur this month, don’t let the little details ruin your mood.

SAGITTARIUS: There may be some tension within your family this month as the Uranus and Pluto alignment causes change in your home life. There may be some conflicts with shared resources, creating some emotional tension. Your possessions will be very dear to you, and you will do everything in your power to keep them. Not to fret, at the end of the month, the presence of Venus will bring harmony into your house again. 

CAPRICORN: The Pluto and Uranus alignment will transform your location in life. The Pluto and Saturn alignment can cause some tension between you and a loved one or a partner. All while this is happening, Mars approaching will make you confident and forceful. You will not take no for an answer, causing some emotional conflict by the end of the month. Remember to listen to others, but also stand for what you believe is right.

AQUARIUS: Transformative New Moon is in your sign early in the month, ensuring a new beginning will be present for you. The alignment between Pluto and Uranus will ensure changes in income and location. You will find yourself frustrated with your income, but once the month ends, you will accept your circumstances and be set free from your frustrations. Don’t rebel your circumstances. Sometimes acceptance is the key to happiness.

PISCES: Your attitude and the way others view you will be transformed this month due to the Pluto and Uranus alignment. There will be many sudden changes this month, some that have been boiling up for the past year. Saturn will leave you finding your current circumstances undesirable, making you want to kick free. You will want more freedom and space to roam, causing you to be irritable. This feeling will subside, however, when your closest relationship resolves with the New Moon.