September Horoscope

September Horoscope



Self acceptance is a journey, Aries, and this month you’ve got to accept all of you. Your ruling planet, Mars, is out of bounds until September 24th, which should encourage you to break the mold on your everyday routine. Looking for a new career path? Harness this newfound energy into an entirely new industry. Be patient, though, Ram, for the rewards may not happen overnight.

When the Sun enters your seventh house on the 23rd, you’ll form stronger bonds in your relationships. This shift could help attract a partner who’s in it for the long run. And you can choose to commit or not. Being each other's travel buddies for life also works, just as long as you’re on the same wavelength.


This month, you’re going to have to be open to love in all its approaches. For instance, your partner might not want to go out with you on a Friday night, but they'd be happy to join you for breakfast or a hike on Saturday morning. Be grateful for what you have rather than think about what you don’t. Be in the moment, especially if you're just getting to know somebody. There's no need to rush through the process.

Also it’s time you claim what’s yours when it comes to work. Rewards will be in the cards, but it's the recognition that gives you the motivation to do your best. You’ve got to overcome your fears to progress in the office. And the benefits will be exponential. You got this!


This is the month that you learn to embrace your independence. Aloneness is a beautiful thing when you relinquish yourself of codependency. As you learn to enjoy your own company, you'll see your relationship with the world transform. If the demons of unbridled attachment has been plaguing your relationship, then it may be your chance to free your partner of any unrealistic expectations you may have and accept their true nature.

Work is also your play and its where you draw your sense of satisfaction from. But when things don't go as planned, it’s easy to go into a downward spiral. Stop and check yourself, girl. Take active measures to recenter with the bigger picture. The Universe is aligning you with kindred spirits. If you sense creative chemistry here, sync your forces. This could be a magical beginning for everybody involved.


Love and freedom has the possibility to coexist and September is where you’ll test that concept. The foundation you have built your relationship on is strong. There's no place for fears and insecurities in your world. As you move through space, you’ll also reserve a spot for your partner. Respect the other's journey, even if it is different from yours. The most liberating part: you’ll always have each other to come back home to. As for your work, you’ll have to get down and dirty with it. This is the time you throw in all your elbow grease on top of the blood, sweat and tears. The rewards may not come immediately.
Just remember, patience and persistence is key. Put into practice the lessons you have learned. You don't want to repeat the same errors as you move up from here.


Guilt and shame have no place in the bedroom. Reflect on where your negative feelings are stemming from. Is it your inability to give your partner the time they deserve or is it a sacred boundary that you may have crossed? If the bond you have built stands on a solid foundation, remember, nothing can shake it up. Be sure to communicate and clear up any issues before saying goodnight to each other. Hold space for your love to transform.

September will also push you take that first step in your career. After that, let the Universe figure out everything else. In a lot of ways, you’re beginning again. But this isn’t your first rodeo. You are empowered with experience which helps you take the next step with awareness. The ability to manifest is a superpower. The only thing you need to do is to learn how to trust your intuition. Go with your gut you, lioness. You got this.


Your romantic life is about to light up with activity, especially if you've been a hermit for a while. Keep your judgements aside and see people for who they are—beautiful beings of light. This will help you build an authentic connection with your partner, one that is based on mutual love and trust. And for those who are married, now is the time to go further in-depth. You have a lifetime of getting to know each other ahead of you.

September’s word of the month for you is “balance”. If you're juggling various roles at work, strike a balance between them. See how you can do justice to both. When it comes to decisions, especially those that affect others, play fair. Check in with both your head and heart before moving forward. Things you've been working towards may not come to fruition immediately, but the hustle is something you've never been afraid of.


Self love is the way to go this month. The Universe is asking you to reevaluate the relationship you have with yourself. Once the bond within has solidified, the bar will be set for others and will shape your connection to the world. That whole ‘somebody will complete us’ bit is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. Seek the love you have within yourself. Nothing will make you more irresistible to others than self discovery. Those who are already coupled could feel a sense of stagnation within their relationship. Be the change you want to see. Be bold and take initiative.

As for your professional life, the knowledge and experience you have gathered over the years has made you a master of your craft. Now, it’s time to take what you do and share it with others. Strike a balance between your solo projects and your responsibilities towards the community you are a part of. Guide the ones around you with your expertise.


The heart wants what it wants, Scorpio, but don’t let your mind get in the way. When your head and heart learn to work together, you’ll be happier in all your relationships. Don’t be too judgemental. Let yourself see the love and light in every person. Who knows? The love of your life could be right in front you. Indecisiveness or the inability to act on your feelings could be preventing you from happiness.

This month is not just about taking the metaphorical leap of faith, but also about hustling to make your big dreams a reality. Manifestation is your power word. Get creative! Maybe work on a vision board as a physical reminder of your goals. A little hustle never scared you anyway.


You find a beautiful balance between the time you spend nurturing your own space and the time you spend in the company of others. This lets you be fully present to them and create a deeper connection. It’s the simple things that add texture to a relationship, like watching the sunset together or sharing a cup of chai. Don’t think too much about the moments of yesterday. Just focus on the now and how beautiful it is. Allow your bond to evolve.

Aside from enjoying the little things, your other motivator this month is your creativity. Let your inner child come out and play. Make a real effort to reconnect with your fun and playful side. The projects that let you grow as an individual are the ones you want to put your energy towards. You may or may not be able to make a lucrative career out of passions immediately. However, be sure to focus on building security and stability so you have something to fall back upon.


If there’s one thing you learn from your relationships this month, it is to love unconditionally. The joy of giving is underrated. Be open to the depth of your emotions. Whether you’re single or committed to another, discover the joy of exploring the wild and the unknown together. This will help you understand not just yourself, but also the bond you share with your partner. When you get out of your comfort zone, you let your love grow exponentially.

But while you’re on that adventure, you can’t seem to shake off the feeling that something is not quite right in the workplace. Don’t let petty office drama get the best of you. Focus on operating from a space of truth and integrity, even if your coworkers don’t match your ideals. Keep your secrets safe and don’t indulge in post-lunch gossip sessions (even though they may seem like a good way to bond with the team). Remember, it is the energy you take into the workplace that will ultimately define your experiences. Think peace, not conflict.


Aquarius, you’re flirting with mind game danger. You seem to be falling into the trap of blowing hot and cold every time your emotions get stirred. Be aware of this pattern. Work on being honest with both yourself and the other. Live in the present and acknowledge what this relationship is giving you a chance to experience right now.

Despite your indecisive nature, your imagination could be working for you this month. Your challenge is to manifest it into the ‘real world’. Be prepared for both delays and challenges, but do not fear it. Your ability to work with the law of attraction makes you a force to reckon with. The changes you make now will have an exponential impact on you and your surroundings. Your ability to heal is immense. Let your stories inspire those who are on the same journey as you.


This month is all about self-love first, Pisces. Now is the time to look inward and find acceptance before jumping into a new relationship. Allow yourself to be loved in the way that you’ve always wanted to. If you’re looking for love, you don’t need a magic potion to attract the love of your life- just be you!

Creativity is flowing through you and you are determined to make the world a more beautiful place. Use your energy this month to pursue passion projects you’ve been dreaming about. With the moon in your ninth house, meaning you find security and safety through philosophy, faith, education, politics, and travel.