Jennifer Akerman

Jennifer Akerman


Jennifer Akerman is a babe and a half. Her iridescent voice and luminous aura gives us all the good feels. With her EP Bloke & Bird (her band mate Lorenzo Jansson Kilman being the bloke, Jennifer being the bird) and her new solo project Final Child, we can’t seem to get enough! Get to know this angel face better and read her interview below!

Where are you from?

I’m from Sweden! But in August this year, I’ve been in LA for 10 years!

Has there been a life experience that you would say has affected your music?

My life experiences inspire me to write music every day, that’s pretty much what I write about. Not too many songs are about love or being in love, it’s usually when something’s upset me that lyrics come. Last year I went through a lot of stress which got me to a very dark place. Some of the songs on my EP is about that time.

Describe your music to us.

I’ve got two projects going on right now, Bloke & Bird and my solo project Final Child. Final Child is a lot more personal and something I’ve completely created on my own. It’s like therapy to me! Bloke & Bird is a duo which I have with another swedish musician, we always wanted to make fun and catchy music that people would love. Like “Brooklyn Kid”, it’s a story about a girl who wants to leave the Upper East Side in New York to the fun streets of Brooklyn. I had spent some time in Brooklyn in 2012 and that’s where the inspiration came from.

What’s the number one played song on your playlist?

Bloke & Bird’s number one song right now is a remix of our song “1999”. Think we’re up to 800,000 almost!

If an alien came to Earth, and you had to show them one song only, which song would you show them?

Haha, I’d probably show them Brooklyn Kid and have a dance off! Check out their music on Spotify, her website, and her new solo EP coming out soon at

Instagram @jjakerman.