About Us

Band of Gypsies evokes the feminine, free-spirit that was cultivated at the height of the late 1960’s rock and roll scene. Our woman is optimistic and versatile, with a vintage yet relevant aesthetic. The collection embraces romance, with casual but distinctive silhouettes and unique prints. It is not only our love letter to that time as we take inspiration from the legendary and powerful women musicians Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Janice Joplin, but also to the Indie artists of today. We create for the renegades of then and now; the women who create a style all their own.

Based in Los Angeles, our founders travel the world for inspiration. Join our tribe as we discover what’s next. 

About Us

The Muse

Infuses each of our collections with a carefree and effortless spirit. She takes in the beauty of the art, culture, and life around her. Like a true Nomad she seeks new experiences and inspiration at each destination.

Authentic and confident, she dreams of her next adventure…

Band of Gypsies Collection

Is a modern, romantic take of Bohemian style. With elevated silhouettes, the collection consists of an eclectic mix of beautiful fabrics and unique prints. The Band of Gypsies Collection is for the confident and creative.