Monthly Muse

Monthly Muse


2018 will be one to remember, Taurus! The ruling planet Venus is among the most powerful forces this year.

This is your birthday month, time to celebrate all month long! The year ahead of you looks promising. Keep in mind that awareness should be at the forefront of your mind. New people and relationships will enter your life that will provide you with new experiences. This will be in your love life, family life, and friendship life. You will find yourself traveling and gaining new experiences from this as well.

You will be re-energized and ready for a new beginning. Dream big this year, as your goals and dreams will not be denied with Saturn in Capricorn. Allow yourself to make a big change, this will be the year to do it. Surround yourself with good people and beautiful environments. There is no room for compromise in 2018, the universe is on your side.

Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio during October, and in Libra during November. Pay attention to your friendships and love life, as they will be needing extra love and attention during this time. Take a look at what is surrounding you this year, whether it be environment, material things, or people. Keep what is benefiting you but move on from what is holding you down. This year is all about success. You will be stronger, smarter, healthier and more energetic all year long!