New Year, Who Dis? The 2018 Horoscope

New Year, Who Dis? The 2018 Horoscope


2018 is your year! It will be filled to the brim with energy. This energy may bring on some anxiety, but that is inevitable when energy is present. Use this energy well by aligning your focus.

A firm social conscience will aid you and everyone you come into contact with in 2018. Karma will be present, and with the lunar nodes in Aquarius and Leo, you will be content in everything you do!

2018 unlocks with a potent Jupiter/Mars conjunction in Scorpio, which tolerates no foolishness. This will keep you on a straight path, and give you the energy for your career and family plans. The sun, Venus, and Pluto bundled in logical Capricorn will keep you grounded. This year will be a great time to work your social skills, too.

Monthly Muse

The year 2018 is full of good change for Aquarius. These changes will cause you to be stronger and more influential. What you do will have great impact throughout this year.


The Mars retrograde this summer will provide you with peace while the outside world becomes complicated.


From October to November, Venus is in retrograde. This will give your fiery relationships logical improvements to better your connection.


This is the year you make a difference, use it to your advantage, Aquarius.