Spring Energy Cleaning

Spring Energy Cleaning


Spring is in the air. Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. It’s the perfect time to declutter and start fresh. Clean out your closet, clear up some space on your phone, and most importantly, clear your energy. You will start the spring feeling fresh and ready to take on life with a loving energy. Read our beginner’s guide to clearing your energy with crystals and be transformed.

The Concept Behind Crystals- Letting the Earth’s magic heal you.

The heart of the Universe beats to a magnetic rhythm and vibration. Scientists have taught us that each atom is constantly moving. Metaphysicians have taught us that every object of matter has their very own vibrating sphere of energy called an aura. Crystal’s auras have perfect atomic symmetry make them keepers and transmitters of powerful energy. Humans auras and atoms are unified by harmonizing with the symmetry of crystals. Crystals are made of magic from the Earth. The powers of this magic can heal your energy by inspiring you and requiring you to tap into your own intuition to find healing. They have a subtle, holistic, and long term healing power. By manifesting and having an open heart to this magic, you will find a slight, yet long term change within you.

Letting your intuition guide you.

Start your spring energy cleaning by choosing the right crystal. When choosing a crystal, don’t go for which one is the most expensive or the prettiest to look at. Choose the one that feels right in the moment. Finding the right crystal for you at that very moment is an intuitive process that you shouldn’t overthink.

Once you have chosen your crystal, programme it with your intentions. Say aloud “I programme this crystal to ___” it can be anything from “clearing my negative energy” to “opening my heart”. This will ground you and give you a clear mind to take on the spring time. Remember, keep an open heart to the vibrations of the Earth. There is no such thing as “good energy” or “bad energy”. It is all simple energy you choose to manifest in your own way.